Introducing......Following Mark Mennie

Introducing: Following Mark Mennie

Mark Mennie, International Man of Mystery or just plain busy? Mark bounces around continents like most people commute to work each day...In an effort for me- Charli- (his trusted publicity rep, just like "M" in the 007 movies, but of course much younger!) to keep tabs on his jet setting..."Following Mark Mennie" was developed. A weekly or monthly, blog, which I hope will keep his subscribers (and myself) posted on his whereabouts, give sneak peaks into his latest projects and of course chronicle all his adventures along the way. So subscribe, place your tray tables in an upright position, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy your flight...

Until our next mission- Charli

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In Sunny (AND WARM) SAN!

Enjoying some much needed down time, Mark is currently in San Diego (SAN) soaking up the sun (not shoveling like his friends in Canada...) and editing his portfolio (...and life too). Unable to sit idle for very long, Mark could be seen hitting the red carpet soon for some award shows before jetting back to Canada (and the snow) for another project. Below are some of the shots he has been taking on his sunset walks (mornings appear to come too early for him...) Lets just hope he is as relaxed as these photos.
Until Next Time-Charli

P.S. In true form and fashion of a vacation, Mark temporarily retired his "old ball & chain" pro camera and used a  Canon S95 to capture the below images.  It will not be long though before Mark dusts off his trusty companion, as he is sure to lose his pocket sized friend shortly.  He is on his 5th....the last he accidently washed.  Just goes to show you that they truly are portable.