Introducing......Following Mark Mennie

Introducing: Following Mark Mennie

Mark Mennie, International Man of Mystery or just plain busy? Mark bounces around continents like most people commute to work each day...In an effort for me- Charli- (his trusted publicity rep, just like "M" in the 007 movies, but of course much younger!) to keep tabs on his jet setting..."Following Mark Mennie" was developed. A weekly or monthly, blog, which I hope will keep his subscribers (and myself) posted on his whereabouts, give sneak peaks into his latest projects and of course chronicle all his adventures along the way. So subscribe, place your tray tables in an upright position, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy your flight...

Until our next mission- Charli

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Has Mark Fallen Off the Face of the Earth (?)..........

No ladies and gents, Mark has not fallen off the face of the Earth, nor was he mobbed by the crowds at the Royal Wedding.  He in fact has been HARD at work capturing amazing imagery.  For almost a month and a half Mark has spent many days (and long nights) creating portraits of  Alberta STARS VIP's (Very Important Patients) or being “on call”.  As the "Mission Photographer", he was tasked with capturing candid, accurate and artistic med evac photos for the 2012 STARS Calendar.  In order to accomplish this task, Mark has been riding along with the crews in the aircraft and staying on base in Grand Prairie, Edmonton and Calgary, where he continued to be considered part of the STARS family. Unfortunately all of his images are regarded as UBER confidential and will have to debut with the Calendar 2012 release in July of this year.

Don’t worry though, it has not been ALL work and NO play for Mark.  He has found some time to work (two weekends) with the Calgary Stampeder’s cheer team.  Considered as "grueling work", Mark spent time documenting the Outriders tryout process.  I know poor guy!  Mark also took a time out and traveled to Vancouver for a weekend to attend his long time friend Waldy Martens’ photography show opening "Private Parts" at the Lumen Gallery.  The price of admission for Mark was assistance lighting and hanging Waldy's show,  and as you can see the two buddies did a fantastic job.  Below you will find shots of both the tryouts and the opening.  Enjoy and more to come as Mark is a man of the go and is off to his next big adventure as we speak.
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  1. Nice work and nice to put a face with Waldy. Looks like another talented photographer.