Introducing......Following Mark Mennie

Introducing: Following Mark Mennie

Mark Mennie, International Man of Mystery or just plain busy? Mark bounces around continents like most people commute to work each day...In an effort for me- Charli- (his trusted publicity rep, just like "M" in the 007 movies, but of course much younger!) to keep tabs on his jet setting..."Following Mark Mennie" was developed. A weekly or monthly, blog, which I hope will keep his subscribers (and myself) posted on his whereabouts, give sneak peaks into his latest projects and of course chronicle all his adventures along the way. So subscribe, place your tray tables in an upright position, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy your flight...

Until our next mission- Charli

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mark's free time. (yes he does have some from time to time)......

So what does a cat loving photographer do in his spare time????  Take pictures at the dog beach of course!!!!  Armed with nothing more than his iPhone 4 and the perfect sunset, Mark's hits "Dog Beach" in Del Mar / Solana Beach CA to soak in the silence and capture this amazing imagery.  Using the ProCamera app (, which he purchased for a mere $2.99, Mark is able to transform the subtle light,  motion, and the beaches' serenity into pure magic.  (Only slight exposure control and some cropping are made after on his computer- "Mark does not use photoshop as his talent for photography was learned on"film"). I know I am not the first to tell him that these photographs have some serious selling power as they effortlessly take the viewer to such a laid-back and relaxed place.  Well enough of my take them in for yourself.  And as always this and most all of Mark's photos featured on this blog are for sale so let me know your interests.  

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