Friday, June 1, 2012

London, Rome and Baja OH MY……

I apologize for the silence!  Every time there is a pause in my posts I fear that you think Mark is pausing as well.  But this as always could not be further from the truth. 
After spending the majority of the month of April in the Seattle area, Mark wrapped up some extensive photo shoots with the 4 host programs of the AMTC.  The conference will take place this fall, so Mark spent time with each air medical program to capture some imagery that really reflects who they are.  These images will go on to be used as illustration in all of AAMS promotional materials for the October conference both leading up to the event and during.
After the conclusion of his time in Seattle, Mark quickly boarded a plane to the UK. He not only reconnected with some very good friends, but used the locale as a springboard to head to Oxford.  In Oxford he attended the Waypoint Airmed Conference, a two day event where he met up with some of the connections he made last year in Brighton. Of course this was a business trip, but with such an amazing setting en route we all can’t help but be a little jealous. 
Heading back to London after spending a day in Oxford, Mark then utilized the "Eurostar and other trains" over to Rome. Italy.  It was here that he met up with his colleagues at EHAC (The European H-EMS and Air Ambulance Committee), which was one of the main reasons for Mark’s trip overseas.  Being asked to be a part of the official planning committee was a huge honor for Mark and his career and as a result he was called to Rome for a brainstorming meeting for Airmed 2014. 
Once Mark completed his duties in Rome, he toyed with the idea of shooting over to Dubai to check in with his friends as well as assist with some planning details of the Dubai Heli 2012,  that will take place late this fall.  But with a wait for a visa now needed for Canadians, he opted to go back to London, take care of some desk work, brainstorm a bit with Julia Cuthbert on Dubai Helishow 2012,  and then jet back early to San Diego so he could jump on even more desk work editing and preparing for a bunch of June projects.   But I also will not leave out that coming back to San Diego early also allowed him to accompany a great group of friends down to a Memorial Day gathering in Baja California, Mexico.  Again rough life , but all this traveling most certainly produced some amazing imagery which I will share with you now. 
Until next time…..

The London "Shard" in background.  It is almost complete.

London Bridge reflection.

Wendel Clark hockey jersey Mark had a pint with at Maple Leaf Pub.

Light on tree at sunset at Richard & Julia's house.

Waypoint Conference

Waypoint Conference

Waypoint Conference

Stefan Becker and Dr. Erwin Stolpe-EHAC hosts for the meeting. 

One portion of the EHAC meeting in action.

Roma cappuccino. 

The gang in front of another huge church in Rome.

Vatican tour.

Vatican tour ticket.  

St. Paul's Cathedral.  Hope of the Pope.

Funny no smoking sign with illustrations.

The camp at La Rocca.

Grand Daddy in front of his favorite local cafe. 

Kevin proud of his new "The Rocket" (note the spelling on the side)

The gang celebrating Grand Daddy's birthday.

Panoramic of the road during a detour.  

Panoramic of my "outdoor room" on the side roof of the shelter.