Friday, September 15, 2017

My top 10 list - The best 5.

As 2016 is now rolling, I spent alot of time considering the past year and also recovering from an exhausting fall season of travel and work. It has been a long time since I posted on my blog, not because I had nothing to report, but because I became very busy with travel related to my work and the constant blur of life... So, as a way to get caught up, here is part two of my list with an explanation, of my top 5 images for 2015. 

5) CALSTAR - Sunset, Santa Maria, CA. What's a MM top 10 list without a sunset set-up of a crew with their brand new (just add water, and get the shot before the fog rolls in...). 

4) CareFlight - Sunset rotors with flash, Sydney, Australia It seems simple strobes to illuminate the rotors, however, this is the first time I worked with a crew to safely do this when the rotors were turning. I have chosen for years, not to be going around and "sticking something" under the moving rotor disk or near the tail rotor to add any hazards during engine start-up. After testing earlier, I worked with my crew to get about 5 frames before we removed the strobes and they headed out on a NVG training flight. The crew member that helped me just didn't understand my big smile as they departed. I'm not a fan of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems...drones) either, as they do not mix with helicopters or airports.

3) Outriders & Drill Crew 2016 Calendars and More. No better clients than the Calgary Stampeders' Outriders Dance Team, and the Calgary Roughnecks'Drill Crew Dance Team. It is an absolute pleasure to work with these amazing, dedicated group of young women, who sometimes belong to both teams; lead by their Coaches/Choreographers, Kyla, Megan and Dana. It is a nice break from the stressors of my Helicopter EMS work with all the damn travel. I view it as a chance to enjoy my home city of Calgary. It starts with the Outrider Tryouts in March, capture at practice, a calendar shoot, sideline photography, another calendar shoot for the Drill Crew, (which my best buddy Waldy and I create together - they sometimes call us the Odd we ended up shooting at our old Art School where we started our friendship 31 years earlier) and the final dance late on a busy Saturday night in some Grey Cup hospitality event (and a few tears) at the Grey Cup Championship in November. Thank You Teams - MM+WM

2) Dog Beach - Del Mar,CA. Again, when I am not traveling the world with my Helicopter EMS work, or photographing Cheerleaders, I am sometimes housesitting for friends near the beach...and capturing some images with my iPhone. I have hundreds, and perhaps I will have another show someday, but in the interim...

1) Care and Dedication. FN Neen and her patient. Somewhere over the vast Northern Territory, near Darwin, Australia. This just about sums it up my mission with my helicopter/fixed wing work, as I try to assist my clients in telling their story. Two missions in one day, resulted in great images for CareFlight Top End. I am looking forward to returning soon and capturing more of these moments...

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope to post more images and stories in 2016. MM