Friday, October 28, 2011

My apologies..........

My sincerest apologies to AMTC, AAMS and all others I offended with my previous blog.  I know this is a day late and dollar short, but In an attempt to keep my entry light and upbeat, I incorrectly portrayed my experience at AMTC 2011.  While yes I did have a good time at the event, I learned that much more about the AirMed community and the business as a whole.  My head was spinning the entire time as I soaked it all in and met as many new people and new faces as a whole.  Truly an amazing event not only for a new comer like myself who has never worked in the industry, but for the all those who attended.  Again my sincerest apologies for the poor reflection. 

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Below are photos taken by Mark, not only of AMTC. The majority of them are of the host programs throughout 2011.  Some of which were on display at his booth and submitted to the silent auction.  All of Mark’s photographs are for sale and can be custom printed to any size and design you may be looking for and then shipped directly to you.  Please contact me at should you have any interest or questions.  Thanks!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another hiatus??? More like wishful thinking.......

Contrary to popular belief, Mark has not fallen off the face of the earth nor is he on some glamorous vacay!  This could not be further from the truth….in fact Mark has not stopped trotting the globe working harder than ever finishing up projects for many of his clients.  Hard to get in touch with myself, I did get word that our super busy friend took a little “me” time after he completed the Outriders' 2012 Cheerleader Calendar.  He did indeed spend a week in Nevada taking in Burning Man rather "quietly" this year.  Shocking I know, but a couple of photos have surfaced...

I also got "some" background on the Outrider Calendar when I actually spoke to "Ashley" his Photo Assistant back in August.  Originally oblivious of how much work went into each and every photo, Ashlee B, eclipsed her sister "Chels" (also a former Outrider + 2007 Cover Girl) and excitedly signed on to be Mark’s right hand lady.  Sharing some of the trials and tribulations of her task at hand, Ashlee was blown away with how much prep went into each and every take.  Arriving hours before the shoot to unpack, set up and organize, Ashlee now has a new appreciation for the annual event, as it is so much more then for an Outrider to get pampered and treated like a princess for the day.  Ashlee's own personal shoot found her at the Museum of the Regiments, where she took part in a “nautical theme” using the navy plane as the backdrop for her shot.  As Mark so eloquently put it, there was more fabric in the hat the Museum gave her to wear than in her outfit.  Rough day at the office huh Mark????  To learn more about Ashlee’s experience and perspective visit her entry on the Outriders blog:

I have also gotten word that Mark will be attending the 2011 Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) in St. Louis running from October 17-19.  He has literally been working his way to the conference this year and I know this mainly because I have booked my flight and will be finally catching up to Mark in the Gateway City.  I look forward to my visit as it is probably my only opportunity to take care of some outstanding projects, as well as a wonderful chance to meet and network with all of his Airmedical prized clients, colleagues and friends.   

In addition to being an attendee Mark will also be an exhibitor. We will be setting up a photo gallery in booth number 1403, which will be a good tasting  of Mark’s dynamic works and additional information on some of the projects he will be involved with in 2012.   I will be manning the booth most of the day on Monday so if you happen to be in the neighborhood please feel free to stop by and say hello.  

In addition and in collaboration with Jean Levasseur, a former client and a talented videographer and visionary , Mark will be producing the AMTC Monday Morning Opening Session Presentation.  As the official AMTC photographer, Mark, in conjunction with Jean and the AAMS CP-R committee, are debuting pictorial vignettes that Mark has been capturing of the"Host Programs" throughout the year.

The opener will be posted on the AAMS You Tube Channel on Monday so please check it out! And I hopefully will be posting a complete wrap up on what will no doubt will be a very successful event shortly. Many stories and adventures to follow, but in the interim here are some links to see what else Mark has been up to as well pictures from along the way:

Until then…..


Outriders Calendar Cover

Ashlee's (Mark's trusty assistant) shoot
"The Crew" during a grueling shoot

Our mystery man at Burning Man

Burning Man

More Burning Man

Burning Man

Burning Man

St. Louis Skyline