Monday, March 4, 2013

Vegas Baby........

Back on the road again, Mark has literally just landed in "Sin City".  Contrary to popular belief, he is not there to try his hand at the roulette table or Texas Hold'em, but to attend the Helicopter Association International's 2013 Heli-Expo.  Joining his is recent partner Jean Levasseur from PHOCUS Productions, the two will be representatives at the Dubai Heli Show booth( #C1818)  Mark and Jean will be volunteering at the booth, in the capacity of the Official Photographer and Media Associate for the 2014 Gulf Region convention. 

As we speak the actual booth is still in shambles(see photo below) so the dynamic duo will have to take a rain check on Celine Dion for tonight!! They will be working around the clock to get it in tip top shape, but the space will not disappoint come conference opening Tuesday (March 5th) morning.   The booth and all elements involved in this project will be phenomenal, which became very obvious in collaborative video the two created for the Dubai Helishow and will debut at the booth tomorrow.  Here is a sneak peek at the 2014 Dubai Heli Show saw it here first!  

Besides networking and promoting the Dubai Helishow, Mark will have an original 20x30 Helishow print for sale for $300. See the image below!   Contact me or see Mark at Booth #C1818 if interested!   

The conference runs from March 5-7, so I do not doubt that come March 8th I will have many stories to fill you in on!  If you are in Vegas, Mark would love to have you swing by his booth and say hello.  I sadly will not be in attendance, but as always will be working around the clock keeping him organized from Memphis.  Should you need Mr. Mennie and are having trouble locating him please let me know and I will connect!  

Until next time....