Thursday, October 18, 2012

AMTC time is here! Watch out Seattle here we come.....

If you are curious about the lull in Mark’s adventures, wonder no longer.  We have both been super busy getting ready for the Association of Air Medical ServicesAir Medical Transport Conference, better known as AMTC 2012 Seattle.  I will be heading to the West Coast on Saturday to meet up with Mark, but the past weeks and months have been crammed full with the two of us getting ready for the conference. 

Mark himself spent the better part of the spring capturing imagery for AAMS. He was once again tasked the privilege of capturing this year’s AMTC host programs in their element.  Below you will find a sneak peak at some of Mark’s finest. It was his insightful captures that were used for all the promotional materials etc leading up and then during the conference.

Which is a good segue into another big project for Mark…..THE CONFERENCE OPENER!!!! (Insert uuuhhhs and aaaaahhhhs please) Partnering up again this year with friend and colleague Jean Levasseur of Phocus Productions, the two took the amazing imagery and created an even MORE amazing video, which will be played at the Conference Opening Ceremonies Monday morning. This masterpiece will no doubt blow last year’s freshman effort out of the water.  I really wish I could give you a sneak peak, but it is top secret until the conference. Sorry!  For those of you not attending AMTC (which you are really missing out if not) stay tuned please as I will be sending it out the link when we return! Also if you have not already, please “Like” Mark Mennie Photography ( ) and AMTC Insider ( Facebook Pages and get play by play details during the convention.

And lastly and most excitingly!  Drum roll please…..the INAUGRUAL DEBUT of the AAMS Survivors Network 2013 “Kiss the Wave” Benefit Calendar.  Mark in conjunction with good buddy Chas Juran of teamXcommunications, LLC and Krista Haugen of Survivors Network have been so hard at work all year creating this breathtaking testimonial to an amazing organization. The 12-month full-color calendar is an artistic glimpse into the soul of the survivors and features insightful imagery from Mark and innovative art direction and production from Chas. This dynamic team was formed over a year ago, when both Mark and Chas drew inspiration from a Survivor’s speech at AMTC St. Louis. Just to tease you even further…check out the “making of the calendar” video teamX created! The calendars will be available for purchase during AMTC at Mark, teamX and Survivors Network’s booths as well as online through the MedEvac Foundation  Don’t delay in getting your copy or 20 today! 

Okay I know what you are all thinking…..ENOUGH CHARLI!  I am not going to Seattle and we are sick of hearing you gloat about the amazing trip MMP has planned and all the exciting things that will be going on while you are there.  Plus I personally got to go pack!  So I will abruptly end with….

Until next time….

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One Wedding, One Proposal, but NO career........

During Mark’s latest trip to Burning Man (of which we have no proof in pictures since he got no service on his iPhone or shall I say that is the story he is sticking with), he heard from friends Bev and Dean and they so kindly invited him to their nuptials.  And we all know Mark would never turn down an invitation to a social event so after Burning Man; he returned for a second time to Reno merely a week or so later.  Can we say frequent flyer miles??  When I finally tracked him down (again we was “off the grid” with no cell service) below is the wrap up of his adventure.  Enjoy!
Until next time….

I'm not a wedding photographer, have never wanted to be, not to mention I'm 100% positive that wedding photographers who see me at weddings with my little Canon S95 call me a hack; but picture taking is in my blood.   I'm the guy with a little camera at a wedding, who waits for the light to get better and then can't resist taking a photo or two.  This was the case in Quincy CA, (75 miles NW of Reno) back on Sept 16th when I was invited to Bev and Dean's wedding.  It was a very small cozy affair at a very nice ranch.  So quaint as a matter of fact that if I didn't go, it would have most certainly been noticed that I was not there.  So of course I jumped on the opportunity to support my friends (and since I can never apparently sit still) and snap a picture or two.  

The light was still somewhat harsh at 4:30pm, so I feel for wedding shooters. I waited until I had a couple wobbly pops in me, a great dinner in my belly, and for Mother Nature to start painting her sky for all the guests at the ranch to see. I saw Bev walk her grandson Ethan around the grassy reception area when I "pounced", as the sky and fishing pond had hit critical mass for a silhouette image. I quickly called for the groom to join and the results as you can see with my little Canon S95 camera (my iPhone was in my room; no signal = off the grid = no iPhone captures...) worked out very well. I was also able to capture a couple of "panoramic" photos that I assembled the next day, which turned out fun as well.

And three days later I was asked to be a part of a surprise proposal!!!  A pretty busy trip for what I was calling my"Reno time out".  This request actually took place on the way up to Bev and Deans' wedding on my ride with my friend Temple.  During our road trip she asked if I could assist her with a surprise wedding proposal her son was setting up on a vista (Eagle Falls) overlooking Lake Tahoe. A table with related stuff (you know- stuff women really, champagne, chocolates...) would be needed to be set up so that at sunset for her son Cory could surprise his girl..."Shannon". I said "of course" to the manual labor, as well as I would happily shoot the process as it unfolded.   And then of course if the answer was YES, I would also do a portrait or two of the happy couple.

So on the fateful day, Temple was able to have her husband Steve also assist her with the set-up.  This meant I was fully delegated and focused in my role as official photographer. We got to Eagle Falls on the west side of Lake Tahoe about 5pm, carried the stuff to the edge of a small cliff.  We quickly set up everything and then waited. The photography then was to commence once Shannon was lead down the path and presented with a ring. She said Yes!! (hoot hoot) so I then took photos. (plan B was not to take photos if the answer was different...) So the results are posted. Many thanks to my "photo assistants" Steve and Temple, as the position of that remote flash was very important to get that sunset shot of Cory and Shannon.

Again I'm not a wedding shooter, but somehow taking pictures is what I do best.