Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Memorial Lights Project at Air Medical Memorial's Remembrance Ceremony, June 25th, 2015


The Memorial Lights Project Emerges at the Future Site of the Air Medical Memorial in Littleton, CO
Photographer, Mark Mennie's solemn tribute to Air Medical's fallen heroes opens the 2015 AMM Remembrance Ceremony at sunset, June 25th

June 22, 2015- Returning for a third year,  The Memorial Lights Ceremony will quietly open the  2015 Air Medical Memorial’s two day Remembrance Ceremony, taking place June 25-26, 2015 at the future site of the Air Medical Memorial (AMM) in Littleton, CO (10901 West Toller Drive, Littleton, CO 80127). Mark Mennie, of Mark Mennie Photography, is the artist and mastermind behind the simple visual tribute to air medical community’s fallen heroes.

This installation will emerge at the AMM site, Thursday, June 25th at sunset. The traveling memorial is composed of almost 400 modest flickering tea lights, which are solemnly placed by hand recognizing the sacrifices given to the air medical industry since the early 1970’s. After much brainstorming a moving reflection emerged that honored the 385 line-of-duty deaths, both nationally and internationally since the 1980‘s. The Air Medical Memorial’s mission, as well as a complete schedule of events and in depth directions can be found at  

The Memorial Lights installation first debuted in 2013, at the inaugural  Air Medical Memorial event. Both the AMM site and coinciding beneficiary events were started and continue to be driven by the selfless brother team of Steven and Kevin Sweeney. The Lights have since traveled across the country becoming a much anticipated reflection and integral part of not only the  Air Medical Memorial’s outreach, but the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) annual Air Medical Transport Conference as well. Growing in size and following, this year’s installation will feature an appearance from Flight for Life Colorado and the poignant music and live performance from  the air medical community’s own, Greg Hildenbrand. His original score Never Forget is a beautiful tribute to those lives lost. 

“As a long time AAMS Memorial Room participant and member of the AMMS CPR Committee, I had this growing feeling that additional artistic support should be created for all the heroes in our industry that have lost their lives. I have always envisioned some sort of visual statement that not only moved the core of others, highlighted the AAMS Memorial Room, noted the future site of the AMM project, but also gave back to all my friends, old colleagues, new recruits and family members in the medevac community. Working closely with organizations such as the Survivors Network, only focused my desire to create a unique memorial of light and was glad to collaborate with many like minds throughout the worldwide air medical “family”. My goal would be for this installation to travel and grow in it’s simple styling and powerful grass-roots nature and message, invoking volunteers and family members to place and reflect about each light representing a hero and spreading compassion, and empathy, as well as a unique visual cue to the industry on safety”, says Mennie.

The Air Medical Memorial’s mission can be found at, and a complete detailed schedule of events and directions can be found at www.weekendoftribute.orgClick here for more on The Memorial Lights and its impact.

Spanning the globe, Mark Mennie is an acclaimed commercial photographer, who has been specializing in rotary wing aviation photography for over 20 years. Unique in his field and approach, Mark is renowned for creating an accurate and artistic portrayal of aviation based medical evacuation and critical care patient transport.  Mennie is a member of numerous affiliations as well as serving in the past on the board of the Medevac Foundation International. In addition to this moving project, Mennie also volunteers his time to various air medical groups such as the Survivors’ Network, the European Helicopter and Air Ambulance Committee and the 2016 Dubai Helishow. 

Mark Mennie Photography is represented by CDL Communications, all questions and requests can be directed to Charli LeGette, or 832-752-1948.