Friday, October 28, 2011

My apologies..........

My sincerest apologies to AMTC, AAMS and all others I offended with my previous blog.  I know this is a day late and dollar short, but In an attempt to keep my entry light and upbeat, I incorrectly portrayed my experience at AMTC 2011.  While yes I did have a good time at the event, I learned that much more about the AirMed community and the business as a whole.  My head was spinning the entire time as I soaked it all in and met as many new people and new faces as a whole.  Truly an amazing event not only for a new comer like myself who has never worked in the industry, but for the all those who attended.  Again my sincerest apologies for the poor reflection. 

All my best,


Below are photos taken by Mark, not only of AMTC. The majority of them are of the host programs throughout 2011.  Some of which were on display at his booth and submitted to the silent auction.  All of Mark’s photographs are for sale and can be custom printed to any size and design you may be looking for and then shipped directly to you.  Please contact me at should you have any interest or questions.  Thanks!


  1. Charli...glad you had a good time but I just don't want a perception out there that all folks do at the AMTC is party. There are a lot of excellent educational sessions related to safety, clinical, leadership, aviation, communication and much more. This is a group of people working on the edge in terms of the types of patients, 24/7 availability, etc. Once a year they get to catch up with good friends and meet new ones all with the same intense passion for the industry. Blowing off steam at night in a safe place can certainly be viewed as therapy I suppose. Mark works hard to capture the essence of these professionals around the world. Please be careful how you report one event as nothing but a big party...

  2. He sure does live a very busy life and I envy him. I hope I could do as well.