Thursday, January 26, 2012

What has Mark been up to in 2012...SSSS+R

What has our friend Mark been up to thus far in 2012??? Oh just hanging out with a bunch of beautiful professional dancers and getting paid to do so.  I have said it before but I will say it again.  Rough rough life Mark! Rough life! (during projects such as this, Mark likes to reference his favorite movie line in "Blazzing Saddles".  Like Mel Brooks as the Gov. says "work, work, work"...)
All kidding aside though, Mark has been hard at work in Calgary Alberta Canada capturing and editing imagery for the 2012  Drill Crew Calendar.  This is the 5th year (perhaps 6th?) that Mark has shot for the Drill Crew, which are the Calgary Roughnecks' (National Lacrosse League) 17 member dance team.  An amazing team of ladies lead by multitasking leader Dana M. 
Given a short turn around time the calendar was shot in the course of three long days, and an additional 3 days of rush image editing and final selection processing. The Drill Crew's designer Rheana Fehr, then whipped up the design in another 6 quick days and it has since hit the presses and will be ready to debut at the January 27th home game.  The calendar will show off the Drill Crew in their three official uniforms and is set in the unique setting of a 100 year old building; a new local lounge on 1st street SW called UBU.
A lot of work went into the creation of 13 final images plus large and somewhat intricate group shot. Approximately 6000 frames were shot from Saturday morning until Monday afternoon, which also included the profile shots in two other outfits; thus the combinations upped the shutter count. This is a new 55 hr record for Mark in terms of what he likes to call “SSSS+R” or “scouting, setting up, shoot, strike the set, and repeat”. And once this project was behind him he proceeded to sleep (you could call it the "5th S")  alot once he made it back to San Diego to visit Boo Kittty. 
Even after the imagery was handed to Rheana, Mark's work was not done.  As that would be too easy, which as we all not is not Mark's style. So in an effort to one up the year before, Mark once again collaborated with Jean Levasseur of Phocus Productions. The two have created an amazing fast paced promotional video, which will hopefully be used to to generate some buzz and sales promotion regarding the making of the calendar at the next home game in Calgary on the 27th and beyond.  Stay tune for a link to it on Mark's You Tube page after the official debut and release.
*Mark would like to thank the Management at UBU for access to their lounge, along with their help and patience.
** Mark would also like to send a big thank you to Dana for all her assistance in pre-production and throughout, including sharing Mark's editing purgatory for two days.
***A big compliment to Rheana Fehr for designing another great calendar this year.
****Thank You to Jean Levasseur of Phocus Productions in Montreal for video vision and knocking it out of the park once again.
*****A lastly another big thank You to Scott Neiss- former Marketing Director of the NLL and now Israel Lacrosse Director for his behind the scenes marketing advice. (Congrats Scott on receiving your big award...!)
And if the above shout outs did not remind you enough of the big entertainment awards event that COULD be exactly where we see Mark next.  Stay tuned for more insight on his whereabouts. 
Until then…..

Jessica and Willow ham it up in front of the Camera    

Jessie illustrates how she towers over Mark    

Jessica making sure "Shooters' "  loyalties are with the Drill Crew and not the Outriders during the NLL season..

Tracy poses for a video shot- while posing for Mark's camera

Make Up Artist Karen Malcolm adjusts Petras uniform...

Janis and Petra have fun in front of the camera...    

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