Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Long overdue 2013 AMTC Recap.....

Almost a month out we are finally getting around to filling everyone in on our AMTC Virginia Beach experiences.....many apologies but things have been just as hectic and productive post than pre & during.  Between follow ups, editing for Mark, some much need R & R, and regrouping & organizing we have been on the go! 

Although the week was a bit of a blur for us all, the conference was very successful for Mark Mennie Photography and our entire team.  For starters it was nice to have OUR TEAM reunited…. Our newly restructured and rarely all in the same place at the same time team consists Mark, myself and our Montreal based videographer, Jean Levasseur of PHOCUS Productions.  Or as Jean apply named us the tripod in reference to our home coordinates on the North American Continent.  That is when Mark is sitting still in Calgary which we all know is VERY rare!

AMTC is a project that Mark basically works with AAMS on all year long.  Starting this past Spring, Mark began shooting the host programs in their elements to accurately depict the host city and the air medical community that serves the greater Virginia area.  The imagery captured, is then what AAMS uses for promotion leading up to the event and also what Jean uses to create magic in his Monday Morning Session Opener, which sets the mood for the entire conference.  This year both knocked it out of the park and their artistry was quite the talk on the streets!      

In addition to all the pre-work and preparations, all three of us were constantly busing reuniting with old friends and colleagues and connecting with new as well as Mark and Jean covering the show with their photography and videography talents.  I could go on and on about all the events and activities of the week, but I will let Mark and Jean’s work speak for itself below. 

Until Next Time….


Sidebar: Mark unveiled two amazing Memorial events while in Virginia Beach.  Both of which are much too meaningful and touching to include in this already lengthy piece.  Stay tuned for a posting on Mark’s Memorial Lights Installation.

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