Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ushering in 2014 with some reflection......

So as 2014 quickly unfolds I have challenged Mark to reflect on 2013.  What were his highs? His lows? What would he like to see more of on 2014?  What would he like to eliminate?  What would be an all encompassing snap shot of last year? What image does he see in a crystal ball of the year ahead?  It took a while but this is what he said......

My highs? My European trip, which included re-connecting with some European air medical friends, mission photography in the Czech Republic (and the amazing hospitality of my CZ friend Pavel, his family and his vineyard+cellar!) and then a brief, but successful scouting of Roma in preparation for the Airmed World Congress in June 2014.

The low? Watching the continuing deterioration of pro photography, not necessarily as a result of technology or the internet, but how mediocre and even poor imagery is continuing to lead alot of sheep. But in all honesty my real low was at the start of 2014, but directly related to 2013. I did not meet my photo buddy Ben Checkowy, in Los Angeles, for just a half day in December, as I was too"busy" and I could not quite afford the trip. Ben suddenly passed away two weeks ago. RIP Ben. Life is way too short.

More of this next year? More missions with more air medical programs, including some good light to feature STARS' new A139 in action!  Finding more time to shoot more sunrises, as I think I have sunsets at Dog Beach covered. And seeing more pros speaking up about mediocre imagery flooding the internet and the hazards it can cause. Those who already know that you have to pay real money for good photography can chime in at any time as well. Support Artists! Their vision can take a lifetime to develop. 

Eliminate? The "joys" of travel, as my last big trip across the US with United had me stranded alone in Chicago...Perhaps eliminating some of my airline travel and getting my butt on more Amtrak trains. 

All encompassing snap shot of last year? Europe, it's friends and their hospitality and the future possibilities that it held! Mix in a successful Outriders' season...the best ever Drill Crew Calendar just debuting now and there were some real highs. 

Crystal Ball? I see a successful HAI experience that relates to both the November 2014 Dubai Helishow and the opportunity to meet some great air medical friends at the Airmed World Congress in Roma this June. The AMTC Host Program Photography project will put me in TN this year, and I always have enjoyed my time in that region of the United States. Images from that project will debut in Roma! And lastly, yet another return to Burning Man with the intention to receive a grant to do "something big". Stay tuned. 

Many, many thanks again to the followers of my blog. I really appreciate your support, and insights over the years. MM

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  1. Another great post accompanied by amazing pics. I can't say enough how special the Grandaddy picture book was for the Hutton family.